Monday, May 19, 2008

Digg It! (DAY 77)

My friend Ben read my last post and came up with a bunch of great ideas for getting more exposure of the Nosmokeathon. He has added a story about this blog and what we are doing to

I had never heard of Digg before, but it is really cool. Digg is a website where people can share content from anywhere on the Internet. Anyone can submit something from the Internet they think is neat or worthwhile. Then, other Digg users can see what they have submitted. If they like it or find it interesting, they "digg it." A submission that receives a lot of diggs will be posted to the front page of, where millions of people will be able to see it.

Help get this story to the front page of Digg! I have added a button on the sidebar under the heading "Digg This." Click on "digg it." If you are not signed up with you will have to, but its a reputable site and you can find some very cool and new information if you take the time. Thanks!

Thanks for the love and support:
Toby Tider
Diane Tider
Aaron Rosenblatt

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