Sunday, March 30, 2008

Funds-Raising! (DAY 27)

Just a little update...With pledges continuing to come in, our new total for money committed so far is $1471.25! This is a lot of money and it is going to continue to rise. There are still a few people who have agreed to donate but have not yet told me for what amount. With those pledges as well as new ones that I hope keep coming in, I am confident that we can reach and then pass the $2000 mark, at least doubling the original goal. That would really be amazing. Thanks go out to everyone for making this possible.

I will continue to list my new sponsors on each blog post. For a complete list of sponsors please see the sidebar, where I have just added this feature.

Thanks for the love and support:
Cyntia Leo
Ben Tider
Andy Tider
Harria and Lew Archer

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JG said...

You're the one responsible for it, we're just along for the ride!