Monday, March 24, 2008


The American Cancer Society and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network are just two of many great organizations that are dedicated to the fight against cancer.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) is another of these organizations, lending support to cancer patients. Founded by champion cyclist and cancer survivor, Lance Armstrong, the organization is known for their LIVESTRONG campaign which created awareness by selling yellow wristbands that became very popular a few years ago.

The band Wideawake donated their song "Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow" to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and it has become the theme song of the organization. All proceeds from the sale of the song directly benefit LAF "and its cancer initiatives." Quoting the Wideawake website:

"Upon learning of a friend's cancer diagnosis, lead singer and songwriter Scott Leger penned the song as both a coping mechanism and a tribute. Inspired by the LAF's LIVESTRONG campaign, Leger and the band decided to donate the song. 'We are so proud to dedicate Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow not only to my friend but also to Lance Armstrong and the millions of people affected by cancer -- those we've lost and those who survive, fight, volunteer, support, research, raise awareness, give, and inspire.,' said Leger."

Please click on the link below to hear "Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow" and to visit the Wideawake website where you can find out more about the song and the band.

LIVESTRONG Song - "Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow" by Wideawake

I have also added video clips (courtesy of Youtube) to the sidebar of the band performing the song. There are three clips shown. I think the first one has the best quality. The third one does not seem to work. Just click on them to play.

If you like the song and want to support the Lance Armstrong Foundation, you can purchase it on iTunes for $1.

(Thank you, Shayna, for putting me onto the Livestrong Song!)

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Hey Matt - just saw this for the first time today, this is awesome - truly a creative way to motivate yourself to stay strong.

Great stuff...