Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hello and Welcome (DAY 1)

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Matthew Fox and I have been smoking cigarettes since the age of 17, almost 7.5 years! In the past few years, at the height of my addiction, I was smoking up to a pack a day. Over the years I have made many unsuccessful attempts at quitting. I've tried everything from quitting cold turkey, to cutting down gradually, to the patches and gum and for one reason or another, I failed every time. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things I have tried to do in my life. Recently though, I made the decision that it is time for me to quit cigarettes once and for all!

As a way to motivate myself this time, I came up with the idea for a "Nosmokeathon," in which I could raise money for cancer charities by being sponsored to not smoke cigarettes over a six month time period. The idea being that with a lot of money for a great cause depending on me, I will have even more incentive not to smoke. I know if I can be smoke-free for six months, I can be smoke-free for the rest of my life. Therefore, sponsors are helping me to quit smoking cigarettes as well as supporting two great cancer organizations.

The organizations I have chosen to donate to are the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). Both groups do great work in the fight against cancer. I plan to write more about these organizations in future blog entries, but you can check them out now by clicking on these hyperlinks:
American Cancer Society
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

The "Nosmokeathon" begins today, March 4th and will last until September 4th, a total of 185 days. I am asking for a daily donation for every day I do not smoke. However, if I slip up at all in the next six months (meaning have even one cigarette) then the "Nosmokeathon" is null and void and no money will be raised. Those who choose to donate will have to trust me to be truthful. All I can do is give you my word and promise to be honest. I want to do this the right way.

A pledge from you for just a few cents a day will really make a huge difference, both for me and the charities involved. Here is an example to show you how it will work:

• John pledges $.10 per day.
• After September 4th I will contact John and ask for $18.50.
($.10 x 185 = $18.50)
• Once I have collected all the donations, I will total the money and split it evenly between the two charities.

To get things started, I have personally pledged $1 per day. This means that if the “Nosmokeathon” is successful, we will have already raised $185. My goal is to raise $1000 and to be able to give $500 to each organization. I plan to continuously update the blog with news about how much money we have raised as well as how I am doing with not smoking.

Even if you can not make a pledge, you can still help me by spreading the word to your friends or anyone who you think might be interested. Together, I know we can really make a difference!

I thank you in advance for your support on this. It really means a lot to me. I think this can really be great and I hope my excitement about it is contagious.

Please continue to check my blog for news and updates. Also feel free to make comments, they are not only welcomed, but appreciated. Also let me know if anything is unclear to you. Thanks again.

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Jason said...

Way to go man! Take it one day at a time, and focus on your future.